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Masonry is one of our most counted on services at Taunton Hill Landscape Co. Pavers and retaining walls are a unique and cool addition to your landscaping projects. No project is too big or small as we can accommodate your any residential need.

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Your next hardscape project should be completed by someone who puts quality first. Count on expert craftsmanship when you choose Taunton Hill Landscape Co. to install your patio, fire pit, or any other outdoor addition. Masonry is truly an art, and should be trusted to the pros.

Take your landscape to the next level

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- Walkways

- Pool areas

- Patios

- Rock walls

- Privacy

- And more!  

Trust the professionals of Taunton Hill Landscape Co. with your masonry needs.

Masonry is a building technique that is used when building a strong, solid structure. Masonry materials hold up well to harsh weather conditions, offer a nice treat to the eye, and are easy to maintain.

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Highly durable materials

Just like our team, masonry is trusted and reliable. In the quickest of definitions, masonry is a building material bound together by mortar. Common materials used, but not limited to, are brick, stone, granite, and blue stone. It is a highly durable form of construction and should only be left to professionals…like us.

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